The application deadline for the workshop has passed. We hope to see you in Cape Town!


All researchers and designers who have been involved in one or more design-oriented project(s) involving users with impairments are invited to participate. For the purpose of this workshop, we define users with impairments as ‘users with impairments that affect cognitive functions or communication’ (such as hearing impairments, visual impairments, autism, dementia, or amnesia). Especially researchers and designers who have worked with such user groups, and who have used (adjusted) tools or techniques to understand and involve these users are encouraged to participate. A maximum of 25 people can participate.

If you’d like to participate in our workshop, you can apply by filling in a set of workshop cards, of which the PowerPoint-template can be downloaded below. On each card, you are asked to add a user group you’ve worked with, a short description of a tool or technique you’ve used with that user group, the phase of the design process in which you’ve used that tool or technique and a picture (if you have one). Instructions are also provided in the notes below the PowerPoint slide. Please fill in one card per specific user group and/or tool or technique you have experience with. We will use these cards both to select participants and as a starting point for the organization of tools and techniques during the workshop.

In addition, we ask participants to write a short statement (max 350 words) on their interest in and expectations of the workshop: Why would you like to participate? What topics would you like to discuss? What do you expect to learn?

Dowload workshop card (pptx)

Example of filled in workshop card (pdf)


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